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What’s a Bike Rodeo? Here’s is a description of a few past events...

Fair Oaks School

Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Club held a Bike Rodeo at Fair Oaks School.  There were over 150 children registered.  They brought their parents, grandparents aunts and uncles. We gave out  goodie bags, sodas, hot dogs and chips. The police department set up their rodeo presentation and gave out helpful tips on safe bicycling.  Mr. Brian Howell, a second grade teacher at Fair Oaks was a great help that day.  Hopefully we'll make a member out of him.

Donna and Maureen arrived bright and early to set up.  Lourdes and Elizabeth covered the registration table.  Lourdes got to speak on the "police phone." George, David, Roy, Anthony, Brian and friends were busy workers doing bike repair.  There were bikes to be fixed all day. I looked after the hot dogs. When Lynne arrived we had an assembly line going. 

Alfred took tickets, gave out drinks and chips, then on to Lynne for the dogs. We had fun.  Larry had to go and purchase more buns. Everything all worked out okay.

Thanks to George Borg for doing the shopping.  (Luv you lots.) Next year Roy and I have bigger and better plans.  Thanks also to our friends Derry and Melvin for stopping by.  Thanks to everyone. Oh....a special thanks to my daughter Desiree for hanldling the face painting.  See you next year.

by Melanie S.

For report on the February Bike Rodeo see the Key Club report.

Garfield School

The Bicycle Rodeo was a day of safety in large numbers.

The Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis Bicycle Rodeo held at Garfield Elementary School in Redwood City was a gathering of local families, Kiwanis members, and the San Mateo County Sheriffs.

The evening before the event, Maureen Fish, Lourdes Carini, Carol

Stewart, her daughter, and Donna Vaillancourt put together goodie bags for the children.  Coloring books, bike safety books, pencils, stuffed animals, yo-yo’s, were all donated by The San Mateo County Credit Union.

Early the next morning, Donna, Carol and her daughter had everyone lining up at the registration table. The Sheriff’s office, Armando and helpers set up the safety course, and gave out water bottles. They also raffled off several shiny new bikes to very excited kids.  Thanks to George Borg, Lourdes Carini and The San Mateo County Credit Union for donating 4 bicycles. More than 100 helmets were given away. Lori, Maureen and Harry were the official helmet-fitters.

Of course no Kiwanis event is complete without our famous hot dog cart.  George and Jan Borg, Glenda Maguire and son Dylan, Elizabeth Gheleta and George Kerewicz were zipping hot dogs in buns, putting them in boats, and handing out as fast as little hands could reach them.

Andrew, his daughter and George K. were the bike mechanics, repairing as needed.  Roy and Melanie Souffront were a big help with the clean up. Geri Mayers and grandson Jack came to visit as well.

Thanks to Cynthia Hinestroza of Garfield, and her husband, who helped to get the word out and make sure we had everything set up for the day.

Thanks to all of the Kiwanis members who came to contribute their time and energy to help to keep our children safe while having a great time, learning, riding, eating, laughing, and being with family and friends.       by Jan Borg


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