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2011 Scholarship Application
is now available!

2011 Scholarship Applications

You can download a copy of the Scholarship application in either format provided below:

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The Scholarships of the Woodside Terrace Kiwanis Club

The Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club again proudly sponsors the following College Scholarships.  A total of $13,500 is available for Redwood City residents attending any accredited high School, OR students attending a Redwood City high school (Woodside, Redwood and Sequoia High Schools) AND entering college in the Fall of 2011.

    Phillip and Louise Wang Scholarships: (Five $1000. Awards)

    This is the 20th year of the Philip and Louise Wang Annual College Scholarships, which have been generously endowed by the Wangs. Education and learning are an important part of the Wang family tradition. Phil’s father was a renowned scholar in China and is widely remembered for his work and service to higher education in China and Taiwan.  Phil is a charter member of the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club.

    Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club Scholarship (a $1,000 award):

    One of our major projects each year is to award the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club Scholarships. Over its long history, the Club, its members and sponsors, have sponsored hundreds of scholarships for Redwood City high school seniors.  The Kiwanis motto and cornerstone is, “We Build.” The Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club awards these scholarships to “build” the new leaders of our community.

    The Key Club of Sequoia High Scholarship (a $1500 award):

    The Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club has chartered a Key Club at Sequoia High School. Key Club is the largest high school service organization of its kind with over 140,000 members in approximately 4,000 clubs around the world. It operates under school regulations and draws its memberships from the student body.  Key Club’s objectives are the development of initiative, leadership ability, community service, and good citizenship practices. A Key Club Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding Key Clubber of 2010-2011 based on academic achievement, involvement in Key Club and in the community.

    The Walter Butler Memorial Scholarship (a $1500 award):

    Walter Butler was a long time member of the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club.  In honor of her husband, Anne Butler has generously granted a scholarship to be awarded to a college bound senior who has greatly improved in his or her four years in high school.

    The Bogart Family Scholarship (a $1,000 award):

    The Bogart Family has long recognized and encouraged students who have shown high academic effort, have participated in community service, and who have a financial need. Nelson Bogart was a highly valued member of the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club.  His wife, Doris, has generously provided funds to continue this scholarship.

    The Charles and Jean Rigg Scholarship (a $1500 award):

    Charles and Jean Rigg would like to recognize a student who shows promise in a science or math career and who has been dedicated to community services.

    The Geri Mayers Memorial Community Service Award (a $1,000 award):

    The Mayers Memorial Family Community Service Award is sponsored by the Estate of the late Geri Mayers.  Geri was a highly valued member of the Woodside Terrace Kiwanis Club. It was Geri’s desire that this award should honor a deserving Sequoia High School Key Clubber who has excelled in serving the community while maintaining an outstanding academic record

    The Maggie Cuadros Memorial Scholarship (A $1,000 award):

    Maggie Cuadros dedicated her life to helping the community in financial need.  To honor her commitment, an annual, memorial scholarship has been established in her name.


Scholarships will be granted to high school seniors who are residents of Redwood City, or, who are attending a Redwood City high school (Woodside, Redwood and Sequoia High Schools), for the purpose of attending an accredited college, university, or trade school.  The following minimum criteria must be met by the applicant/recipient:

U.S. citizen or documented resident graduating from high school.

If awarded a scholarship, the student must enroll as a full-time student.  Proof of enrollment at the post secondary institution is required to release the awarded scholarship funds.

3.00 cumulative grade point average, with demonstrated ability and motivation to compete on a collegiate level.

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate strong educational motivation and group leadership skills through their activities in school, church, youth groups, community volunteer efforts and/or work experience.

Financial need, work experience, and letters of recommendation are additional criteria in the selection process.

Scholarship Rules:

Scholarship is given for the Fall of 2011. The awards will be given to the institution in all cases, and will be sent directly to the institution’s financial aid offices within 30 days of receipt of proof of student’s full-time enrollment at the school. When the institution requires the student to pay fees first before it certifies registration, the school will be authorized to reimburse the student.

If a recipient is unable to begin college in the Fall, and plans to enter in a future semester, the recipient must notify the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club in writing by August 31, 2011 for an extension. An extension is provided for up to one calendar year.  If the scholarship is unused by the end of that year, it is forfeited and will be used to fund other scholarship in subsequent years. It is also forfeited if no extension is requested by August 31, 2011

Recipients are required to attend the Award Ceremony of the Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club, presently scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, 2011.  Parents and counselors are welcome to attend the award presentation ceremony as guests of the Club.

Application Instructions:


Application Form

Please read all questions carefully, and answer them as completely as you can. Use pen and PRINT your answers, or use a typewriter. Remember that your completed application will represent you to the Scholarship Committee. Your completed Application Form, High School Transcript, Student Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation and Financial Need Forms are to be transmitted in one of three (3) ways:

  • Mail by United States Postal Service, first class, postage paid to: Scholarship Committee, Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club. P.O. Box 2745, Redwood City, CA 94064;
  • Mail by United States Postal Service, first class, postage paid to: Scholarship Committee, Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club, C/O William R. Morris, 1771 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA 94061-3436;
  • Delivery to Scholarship Committee, Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club, C/O William R. Morris, 1771 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA 94061-3436.
  • Applications that are MAILED must be POSTMARKED on or before MARCH 31, 2011.  Applications that are DELIVERED must be RECEIVED at 1771 Woodside Road no later than 5:00 pm on MARCH 31, 2011.
  • Final selections will be announced by May 3, 2011.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Choose two (2) people to write letters of recommendation for you.  It is strongly recommended that one letter come from a teacher or other school employee, and one letter from an employer or friend (non-family related) who knows you through work or volunteer activities.  Please enclose these letters with this application.

    Transcripts of Grades

    Your application must include high school transcripts and SAT scores.  If you have taken any college courses, include a transcript of your work thus far.

    Student Personal Statement

    Write a statement explaining the reasons you are applying for a scholarship, your plans for the future, and your short and long term goals. You should also include any other information about yourself, such as your family, your background, your educational achievement, which will help the Scholarship Committee in evaluating your direction and goal orientation.

    Financial Need

    As this is part of the criteria we use in the selection process, it may be a factor in the final selection.  You must fill out the financial need section of the application, and may submit evidence of financial need by enclosing a copy of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Student Aid Report (SAR) or California Aid Report (CAR) for Cal Grant recipients.

    What is Kiwanis?

    Kiwanis is a worldwide service organization of men and women dedicated to improving the quality of life for mankind in their communities.  Together, these men and women achieve what individuals cannot do alone.  Voluntarily, Kiwanians share the challenge of responsibility for humanitarian and civic projects that our government agencies are financially unable to perform. These projects are predominantly local in nature.  The common desire to successfully serve their communities is the motivating goal of Kiwanians.

    Some Specifics

    KIWANIS is a service organization – not a social club – although enduring friendships are created through the Kiwanis spirit of fellowship that comes from mutual effort devoted to useful ends.

    KIWANIS is often a public forum – but never a political circle.  Meeting programs frequently provide platforms for the balanced and impartial presentation of public issues of interest to the members and the community.

       KIWANIS makes its activities known. It is not a secret society.  There are no private rituals. Public awareness of Kiwanis is sought because it increases support for Kiwanis service.

       KIWANIS fosters principles of good citizenship and human values.  It does not prescribe a way of life for others.

       The Woodside Terrace AM Kiwanis Club holds morning meetings at 7:30 A.M. every Thursday at Bob’s Courthouse Cafe in Redwood City. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining our work, call membership chairman, Larry Graves, at (650) 364-9383. Join us for breakfast as our guest anytime!

    2010 Scholarship Committee

                           Bill Morris, Chair 650-367-1771

    • Margie Carrington 
    • Barbara Liedtke
    • Nicole McKay
    • Elizabeth Pollard
    • Melanie Souffront
    • Irene Tablin
    • Donna Vaillancourt                    

    Information above is excerpted from the full application.  Please download a the full application.  Thank you.



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